Our Faculty

One-of-a-Kind Teachers

Nearly 100 faculty members and support staff collaborate to nurture our students’ education. The majority of our faculty hold advanced degrees, and continued education for the faculty is strongly encouraged. Younger faculty are supported in their work toward advanced degrees while they teach.

Highly Interactive Training Methods

Because Prairie does not offer a conventional classroom education, our teachers cannot be conventional either. We are highly selective in admitting new faculty members. They must not only exhibit competency within their field, but they must also bring to their teaching style an enthusiasm, an energy, a creativity, and a commitment to presenting information in a way that furthers the school’s philosophy. Presentations must be lively, child-centered, and thought-provoking in keeping with our commitment to intensely participative educational methods.

Low Faculty/Student Ratio

Our focus on the individual student requires that we maintain an exceptionally low student/faculty ratio. Currently, our overall student-to-faculty ratio is about 4.8 to 1. This low ratio enables our faculty to break away from the more traditional large group classroom strategies, and students are assured of the individual attention they need to grow and succeed.