Unique Offerings

Music, Art, Theatre, and Communications/ Technical Theatre

performing artsIn grades five through eight, Prairie’s Performing and Fine Arts programs help students gain a wider appreciation of the arts and broaden their self-expression. Aspiring performing artists play instruments, sing in choirs, and act in theatrical productions in Prairie’s performing arts theatre. In media literacy, students learn about color and its impact on theatrical production.  The technical theatre class includes set production where scenery is created, and sound and lighting techniques are learned and utilized in a full musical production.

Fine Arts courses develop skills in drawing, painting, sculpting, papermaking, and working with clay. Young artists in grades seven and eight may also take glassblowing – Prairie is one of the only schools in the U.S. that teaches this medium to Middle School students.

Special Activities

Integrated, cross-curricular opportunities and off-campus experiences are important to the learning process. In grades five and six, our students learn about self-reliance and cooperation during the annual Environmental and Outdoor Education Program. Young scientists create and test hypotheses through inquiry-based labs and through participation in the Rocket Science Club, which competes each year at the regional and state Science Olympiads. Students in grades seven and eight take part in educational trips that take them to St. Louis, Mo and Washington D.C.


Research shows active children perform better academically, so Middle School students participate in recess every single day, as well as taking a physical education class five out of every six days.

Advisory Program

Prairie has a comprehensive advisor/advocacy program to help guide our students’ growth. Advisors meet with their students daily to discuss academic performance and social issues, and set personal goals. Advisors also maintain regular contact with parents to ensure the “communication triangle” is complete.

Sports & Clubs

Starting in 5th grade, Middle School students may choose to participate in a variety of extracurricular clubs, as well as both intramural and interscholastic sports. While the athletic competition is intense, a school-wide no-cut policy encourages participation and camaraderie as student-athletes begin learning and focusing on the finer points of their favorite sports.

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