Welcome to The Prairie School’s Office of Admission!

Molly_3cropped-238x300I understand that choosing a school for your child or children is one of the most important family decisions you will ever make, and I encourage you to learn all you can about Prairie’s mission, educational philosophy and approach, curricula, values and community.  My team and I will do everything we can to provide opportunities for you to get acquainted with Prairie.  I invite you to look through our web site. Even more, I encourage you take a tour of our beautiful 32-acre campus and outstanding educational facilities by registering for a personalized tour on a day and time that would be most convenient for you, or by attending one of our scheduled Open Houses that will take place this fall, winter, and spring.

Prairie is a different kind of school.  It’s a place that has no preconceived notions of who students ought to be, but does have great expectations of what they can do.  Prairie is a world in which one can learn the art of glassblowing or do multivariate calculus, study Mandarin Chinese or run track, chart planetary motion or improvise jazz. Prairie students are challenged to grow, develop, and achieve their potential – academically, artistically, and athletically. They also are socially engaged and committed to community service … and tend to be passionate about learning, making a positive difference, and inculcating strong leadership skills and capabilities.

The Prairie School is looking for student and families who understand, appreciate, and support our mission and core values. Although all of our families have this in common, we seek to build a community based on the richness of individual differences. Throughout our nearly 50-year history, Prairie has always been known for academic excellence, development of exemplary character, commitment to intellectual and personal growth, and a strong, vibrant sense of community – both inside and outside the classroom.

As our students immerse themselves in all that Prairie has to offer, they discover and develop their interests and talents – and become prepared for a meaningful and rewarding future. Prairie is a different kind of place. It is a place where learning is greatly valued, young minds are enriched and empowered, … and dreams take flight.

I am happy that you are interested in Prairie, and all of us in the Office of Admission look forward to getting to know your family.


Molly Lofquist Johnson, Senior Director of Admission

262.752.2525 / [email protected]

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