Current Upper Schooler and Boy Scout Aids in Rescue.

Current Upper Schooler and Boy Scout Aids in Rescue.

Racine Journal Times (By Pete Wicklund) – 

A group of local Boy Scouts and their advisers got a little more adventure than they anticipated on a trip earlier this summer to the Yellowstone National Park area in Wyoming.

Five Venture Scouts from Troop 142, based at the Bartlett Youth Foundation, 1120 N. Stuart Road, along with their five adult chaperons and a river guide, rescued a stranded kayaker from the fast-moving waters of the Shoshone River on July 18.

““Everyone had that moment when we said, ‘hey this is not right; this guy needs our help,’ “ said David Higgs, 48, of Mount Pleasant, a Venture crew adviser for the Scouts.”

Schroeder and Higgs praised the Scouts of Troop 142 and Slight for their actions during the rescue.

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