Gr. 11&12: Interim Overview & Guidelines

Gr. 11&12: Interim Overview & Guidelines

Dear Junior and Senior Parents,

The Prairie School offers a unique educational opportunity called Interim, which involves real-world learning activities outside the classroom. Prairie juniors and seniors devote two weeks–usually at the end of the school year–to advanced academic exploration or to researching career options as an intern. During this time, students do not attend their regular classes, and instead take advantage of opportunities to explore careers, do college-level research or show leadership in a community service activity.

Interim participants may decide on internships in medical labs and advertising agencies, backpacking in a national park or foreign travel with school-sponsored trips — the possibilities for learning are vast. Whatever their choice, testimonials from Prairie alumni demonstrate that Interim is one of the most valuable educational options offered by the school.

Often high school students hear about occupations that sound interesting, yet they do not have an understanding of the true nature of a career until they have taken several college courses in that particular field. Realizing so late that a chosen occupation is a bad fit can result in changes in majors and delays in completing college or starting a career. Therefore, we believe it is very worthwhile to use two weeks of the school year to assist our students in becoming more familiar with occupations of interest before attending college. Overall, the beyond-the-classroom Interim experiences allow students to be better informed about their future options and more prepared than their college freshmen peers.


  • Minimum of six hours per day: Interim’s basic requirement is that your child spend a minimum of six hours per day on his/her Interim project, but this is subject to considerable flexibility and interpretation, depending on the particular project involved.
  • Self-initiated outreach: We push students to show initiative in contacting and communicating with their sponsors in order to plan the most active and engaged Interim experiences possible.

Dates & Deadlines: Your child will be participating in the Interim program at the end of the 2014-15 school year and will be asked to find and contact an Interim program sponsor soon, then discuss and confirm an Interim plan.

  • Senior Interim Program: Monday May 18 – Friday May 29
  • Junior Interim Program: Tuesday May 26 – Friday, June 5
  • Initial Proposal Deadline: Friday, February 13
  • Final Proposal Deadline: Friday, April 10

Communication & Online Resources:

The Interim website is as a great resource for parents, students and sponsors. Students have access to required on-line proposal forms and deadline information. Please be sure to check often.

Please support your child in the selection of an Interim project that best meets his or her interests and is meaningful and enriching. Thank you for your support of this unique educational opportunity. Please contact us if you have any questions about the Interim program.


Dr. John French, Interim Coordinator, 11th grade

[email protected]

Dr. Rebecca Wheeler, Interim Coordinator, 12th grade

[email protected]